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UCONN Sailing Team

About the Team

The UCONN Sailing Team is a proud member of Club Sports. The team starts its season the second weekend in the Fall semester and runs until Thanksgiving, picking up again mid March through the end of the Spring semester. They compete every weekend against many schools throughout New England and is a member of NEISA. The team owns a fleet of Larks and a few 420s and practices both at the Avery Point campus and Coventry Lake.

Over the past couple of years the team has continued to grow and have many successes. The Huskies acquired Head Coach Peter Giuliano in the fall of 2011 and have since made team history by qualifying for the fall New England Championship, the Atlantic Coast Tournament, and the New England Dinghy Tournament. In addition the team trains in Florida from 8am to 5pm during their Spring Break.


To complement the fastest growing team in New England, UCONN offers a highly touted academic program. As the #1 ranked public university in New England and 25th public institution in the nation, UCONN offers prospective students a great environment to learn and grow. With an enviable student to faculty ratio of 17:1, an average class size of 30 students, and being a Research One institution, the university is an attractive choice to many of the region’s top scholars. UCONN offers top quality programs such as engineering, business, kinesiology, nursing, and supplements those programs with over 260 study abroad opportunities in 65 countries. On top of that, UCONN has just undergone a $2.3 billion dollar rebuilding project on all its campuses, which is more aid than any public university in the nation has received from its respective state. So when asking yourself, ‘Why UCONN?’ the real question should be, ‘Why not?!’


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