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Continuing Summer Fun at Stamford Yacht Club

Throughout the summer the UConn Sailing team has enjoyed big boat racing at the beautiful Stamford Yacht Club. Check out our Photo Gallery page for pictures from the Summer Racing Series!

Summer Sailing @ Stamford Yacht Club!


UCONN sailors had the great opportunity of getting out on the water at Stamford Yacht Club for some big boat racing! We had a blast!

Tyrell Trophy Success!

The Tyrell Trophy was hosted on April 10 by the University of Connecticut and was a great day for our sailors, and visiting sailors as well. UConn came in 6/7 overall.

Weekly Meetings

Hello and welcome to, the homepage of the UConn Sailing Team.

With spring break just 1 week away, our season almost in the full swing! Be sure to attend our weekly meetings on Monday nights at 5:30 p.m.! To get more information on our weekly meetings, email

Can’t wait to see you all there!

UConn Sailing to Host Tyrell Trophy April 12th

UConn Sailing is proud to be hosting the Tyrell Trophy, our annual spring home regatta, at Avery Point again this year. We’re expecting at least six schools and many UConn sailors to show up to this exciting event.

The regatta will feature a beach launch of a fleet of FJ’s with square-top mains, and a barbecue lunch.

We encourage all current and former UConn sailors to come to this fun event. Alumni are especially encourage to come out, show support, help out with race committee, and meet newer members!


Important details

Who: UConn Sailing Team

What: Home regatta, Tyrell Trophy

Where: UConn Avery Point, 1084 Shennecossett Rd, Groton, CT

Why: Fun day of sailing and a barbecue lunch!



Expanding the E-Board!

Dedicated members of UConn Sailing,

We, your executive board, have sensed a need within our group for an organized to keep track of our records. This position will be chiefly keeping an index of alumni including current emails and contact information so we can stay more connected with our beloved alumni.


Position: Alumni Relations


  • Organize current contact list
    • Getting everyone’s number, including five possible fundraising contacts
  • Graduation gifts for graduating members of the team
  • Maintain contact with recent and past alumni
  • Research older alumni and reestablishing contact with them
  • Working closely with fundraising chair to coordinate fundraising efforts
  • Publicizing the sailing team and getting word about our cause out to the public

If you or someone you know would like to run for this position, send nominations to by Monday March 2nd by noon!

UConn Sailing on Coventry Lake

After many years of planning, perseverance and negotiations, the UConn Sailing Team is proud to announce the finalization of paperwork for  our new home at Lisicke Beach on Coventry Lake.

The new location has excellent implications for the future of the team. The ease of access due to close location will allow for several, longer practices each week to enable our sailors to work harder to hone their skills, as well as a more flexible schedule allowing more people to participate in sailing, either for recreation or as a competitive racing member of the team.

The 5-year contract starts this spring, and we’re excited to be hosting our first home regatta at Lisicke Beach, the Tyrell Trophy, on April 12, 2015.  We encourage families, friends, and alumni to come out for the event and help us celebrate this momentous event in UConn Sailing history. Expect big things from UConn Sailing in the coming seasons.

Stay tuned for more updates about spring practices later in the semester!


Farewell for now, Avery Point!


UConn Qualifies for the Schell

This weekend, the team sailed at the Fall Foliage Regatta at UNH. UConn sailors Jen Lee (CLAS’17), Mike Rottier (ENG’15), Shannon Nardi (CLAS’16), and Corie Fay (CLAS’16) sailed 9 races in a combined fleet, and worked hard to end the day with a third place finish.

Because of the finish at Fall Foliage, the UConn Sailing Team improved its ranking and moved into the 18th-ranked team in the extremely competitive NEISA conference. This qualifies UConn to race at the Schell Trophy for the first time in four years. “Getting into the Schell is no easy task.” says Coach Brian Pracon, “You have to be top 18 in a conference that is made up of 11 of the top 20 schools in the country, not to mention the next 2 schools in our league who received votes to be top twenty.”

Pracon attributes this achievement to the hard work of the entire team throughout the semester. “Everyone that sailed this semester should be proud of what we did as a team! I want to thank everyone that helped in some way, shape, or form. Each time our sailors put a UConn pinny on to represent our school, it helps us.  I know we have a small team now, but we will become a powerful team with everyone’s support. We have to start somewhere. ”

Getting the team to the Schell was one of Pracon’s key goals in his first year as coach for the UConn Sailing Team in the 2013-2014 season, and he’s proud of the hard work by the entire team to reach this goal.

How to Join UConn Sailing

At the meeting, we discussed the two options for joining the team: racing members and recreation members.
1. Register on ICSA to become an official member of our team. The link is at the top of the website, Once on the ICSA homepage, click the tab that says “individuals” and register yourself as a member of the UConn sailing team. You’ll get an email from our advisor, Steve Park, telling you when your registration goes through.
2. Register as a member of our team with club sports at
3. Take the swim test! Beach day on Friday is an awesome day to take a gander at the very doable swim test (Swim 50 yards and tread water for 5 minutes)
4. Pay your racing dues. Bring cash or a check made out to UConn Sailing Team for $120 to the next meeting (or the next-next meeting).
5. Keep coming to meetings! Stay tuned for an upcoming email about a chalk talk.
1. Register as a member of our team with club sports at
2. Come to beach day!
3. Eagerly await the email for practice next Friday (which will cost $15)
 4. Keep coming to meetings! Stay tuned for upcoming email about introductory chalk talks so you can learn about sailing.


Hello and welcome to the UCONN Sailing Team website! Pardon our appearance, we’re in the process of switching websites and updating all our information. If you have any pictures of the team (from any time in its history), email them to and we’ll put them up on this website. The goal by Fall 2014 is to have a smooth website where anyone who’s interested can learn about the team and get in contact with the right people without feeling like they’re trapped in the 90’s, and I like to think we’re well on our way. Contact us at the links above with any questions or concerns!

See you in the fall,

Shannon Nardi

Secretary, UCONN Sailing